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Please pardon the dust and data bytes while I try and figure out how to make 25++ Years of Pictures look somewhat coherent.

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Nancy Bickelhaupt retires after 27 years in Waitsburg School District – The Times

WAITSBURG—For Nancy Bickelhaupt, preparing students for life has been both a pleasure and a passion. The Waitsburg High School Family and Consumer

Source: Nancy Bickelhaupt retires after 27 years in Waitsburg School District – The Times

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Lt. Smith shows us the beauty of Gambell Alaska

Great pictures

Gambell panorama Photo by Lt. Timothy Smith

This summer, the Bering Sea Alliance hosted a private-public summit in Gambell, Alaska, to discuss Arctic resource development and infrastructure. (See page 10 in this edition of the Nome Nugget for a good summary of the meeting.) Lt. Tim Smith, NOAA Coast Survey’s regional manager for Alaska, updated the participants on the status of Arctic nautical charts and described NOAA’s Arctic Nautical Charting Plan. He also outlined the preliminary 2015 survey plans to acquire hydrographic data around Point Hope, Point Barrow, Port Clarence, and Kotzebue Sound, as NOAA strives to ensure the navigational safety of the increasing ship traffic through Arctic waters.

In addition to his role as navigation manager and NOAA Corps officer, Lt. Smith is one of NOAA’s best photographers. His photos of the area around Gambell are better than words in conveying the beauty of this remote area of Alaska.

Gambell AK 2 - Tim Smith - wEmblem Photo…

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How Many Miles Per Gallon?

Miles Per Gallon Calculator

Circular Slide Rule for calculating Miles Per Gallon of fuel for your vehicle. From the mid 1970’s.

Way Way back in the days before $ 4.– calculators and when cars did not have a built in supercomputer, no cell phones  with built in calculators.  If you wanted to know the miles per gallon you need a piece of paper and pencil or pen – or you needed one of these slide rules that calculated your miles per gallon.  This calculator is from Texaco and was probably given to me by Daddy Cannery Hack when he ran a service station.

The red mark is at 5 gallons, 125 miles for 25 miles per gallon.

This calculator is 5 3/4 inches wide.

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Memories of a Cannery Hack

Seward Fish - Icicle Seafoods

The Dim View from Seward Fish in Seward Alaska

One thing that gets lost with the passage of time are the personal memories of history.  Memories fade, letters get lost or are thrown away.  In many cases letters that told of the everyday life went to friends and relatives and those letters were lost in the sands of time.  Think about it, when was the last time you collected letters you got from someone 20 or 30 years ago and made copies and sent them back to the person that sent them to you so they could remember what they wrote oh so many years ago?

The Dim View was an Underground Newspaper published by some rogue elements at the Seward Fish Plant in Seward Alaska.  The Dim View was a parody written on overtime in response to the official company rag (The Crystal Ball) written by the powers that be at Seward Fish.  The Dim View gave voice to the unwashed (in some cases literally) masses that were the Fish Pickers that did the real work in the cannery.  The Dim View was also much better written and way more popular than The Crystal Ball.

Some time back a copy of the Dim View from Seward Fish was tucked under some bits at a different web site and a copy was given to the Cannery Hack.

Read The Dim View

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A Fishing Tender at the False Pass, Alaska Cannery Dock

A Fishing Tender just after sunrise tied to the Peter Pan Seafoods dock  in 1980.

fishing tender at the peter pan cannery in false pass alaska

A fishing tender moored at the Peter Pan Seafoods cannery dock in False Pass Alaska


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Great Leaders of the Wa-Hi Class of 68

Wa-Hi Class of 68 - Walla Walla

The great leaders for one of the Wa-Hi special events, Note the preparation for the tricycle race.

Here are the leaders for one of the special events at Walla Walla High School.  The class of 68 was well represented with Marcia Bergevin and Eric Johnson and several others leading something.  Eric was a terror on the trike.

We also have the newly elected Cheerleaders, this should be the fall of 1967.

Phone Booth stuffing (you remember the real phone booth that had a door on it for privacy and a bit of warmth to get you out of the wind?).  Well Wa-Hi students were never ones to let a fad pass.  Yes all the guys did fit into the phone booth.  The original booth was not available for this picture as the first stuffing popped a window out of the booth, so we had to find another booth for the recreation. See All the Pictures

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Sing Along With the Wa-Hi Class of 68

Wa-Hi Class of 68

Let's sing along with the Wa-Hi Class of 68 in the Commons

1968 was during the sing along Hootenany phase of music.  Here are some members of the Wa-Hi Class of 68 singing in the Commons at a big singing get together.

See the rest of the pictures

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Sunset at Pederson Point Alaska

This is a sunset at the NEFCO Pederson Point Cannery that was around the corner and down the beach from Nakneck.  This was taken around 10 or 11 pm in the evening.  A few people noticed the sunset and they would come into the cannery and tell their friends on the processing line and their friend would then go out and take a look at the sunset then the whole process would repeat.

We finally shut down the  cannery while the entire crew (over 200 people I think) went out on the dock and watched the sunset.  How did I get the seagull, sun and boat to line up?  Magic and dumb luck I guess.

sunset - pederson point - alaska

Sunset at the NEFCO Cannery at Pederson Point, Alaska. Around 10 or 11 pm


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History in a Can

(From the Alaska State Museum)

by Steve Henrikson,  ASM Curator of Collections

Though famous for our isolation and uniqueness, the scattering of Alaskan material culture around the globe shows the extent of our engagement in the world economy.  Years ago I was in Manhattan, on the “museum crawl,” and took a few minutes to browse an antique mall in the Garment District.  The bottom floor was reserved for the glitziest of furnishings and decorative arts, and there, amidst the Deco and the Louis XIV, I glimpsed something so incongruous I thought I must be hallucinating. In the middle of a fashionably lit kiosk of fine porcelain and crystal was a century-old Alaskan salmon tin.  I couldn’t have been happier.

The label read “Red Brand Spring Salmon, Arctic Packing Company, Alaska,” and the can itself looked early.  It was hand-soldered, with a small vent hole that was plugged with solder after the cooking process. The label appeared to be an 1890s chromolithograph, an expensive process by which master printers hand stippled designs on stone plates to produce complex designs with naturalistic shading in over a dozen colors—each color requiring its own stone plate.  The Arctic Packing Company operated canneries at Larsen Bay, Olga Bay and Nushagak Bay in the 1880s and 90s.  However, the latter site was in operation beginning in 1878. One of only three canneries that began operations that year, listed as Alaska’s first.

Read the full Story at the Alaska State Museum

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False Pass Alaska and Cannery, 1979

False Pass Alaska 1979 - Roundtop Mountain

Roundtop Mountain looms above False Pass at sunrise

Here are some pictures around False Pass and the Cannery in 1979.

Roundtop  Mountain was to the West of False Pass and the Cannery.  At 6140 feet (1871 meters) the mountain was spectacular even if you did not get up at sunrise to see it.

I got up very early to take some of these pictures, people sort of looked at me like I was crazy for getting up around 4:00 am and wandering around in the dark and cold.  When the pictures came back they stopped laughing and thought WOW, but they still thought I was crazy.

See all the Pictures

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