False Pass – 1973 – Pictures

False Pass Alaska Cannery Buildings 1973

The Machinist Bunkhouse - Home Sweet Home for Two Seasons

A few assorted pictures from the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery in  False Pass, Alaska in 1973

The Machinist’s Bunkhouse was home sweet home for two canning seasons.

Like several places I worked they did not trust the Machinists with automatic clothes washing machines, we had the old reliable wringer washers.  You had to run the clothes through two rollers to squeeze the water from the clothes.  They did have a down side, a couple of times people put their clothes in the washer and got to drinking with their buddies and forgot the clothes in the washer and they agitated all night long.  The extra agitation turned the clothes into a soggy mass ready to make paper.   For some reason the agitate overnight was done by kids that were away from home and their nanny for the first time.

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