Can Line Pictures From Pederson Point Alaska – 1971

Patching table at the pederson point cannery

Patching table at the Pederson Point Cannery

A few pictures of the can line at Pederson Point, Alaska.  Pederson Point was owned and ran by New England Fish Company (NEFCO).  Pederson Point was around the corner and down the beach from Nakneck.

Harold Thom was the plant superintendent.

The cannery had three tall can lines (1 lb.) with Continental Can Company equipment, there were two half pound lines.  Four of the can lines were ran by a steam engine with power transmitted by belts overhead.  The “good old days.”   Rick Decker the Seamer Mechanic and I did most of the flat belt lacing.  We got a lot of practice with all of the belts.  We got it down so that we could take a belt off and put new lacing in the belt and put the belt back on the machine in less than five minutes.

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2 Responses to Can Line Pictures From Pederson Point Alaska – 1971

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks, Captnmike. I worked at Pederson Point in ’71. Ran the egg room. Lost all my pics of that year when I sent two boxes of slides to NEFCO so they could pick one for the annual report. Fantastic to see these!

    • captnmike says:

      Glad you stopped by, I should have some more pictures somewhere of Pederson Point – I was there in 69, 70 & 71

      you are welcome – glad I could help a bit

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