Freighter Dock Crash – False Pass 1973

False Pass Alaska Cannery - Peter Pan Seafoods 1973

After the freighter had T-Boned the dock at Peter Pan Seafood's False Pass Cannery

At the end of the 1973 salmon canning season in False Pass, Alaska a freighter came into the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery to pick up the boxed Salmon Roe (fish eggs, salmon eggs).

Someone said that the freighter did not pick up a Pilot when they came through Isanotski Strait on their way to  False Pass and  the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery.  The freighter failed to make the turn off the cannery dock and came straight into the dock way to fast.

The freighter crashed through the first finger pier, went through the space between the two piers and half way through the second finger pier with the bow of the freighter centered on the fish elevator used to unload the tenders.  The freighter did try and stop by dropping anchor.  One small problem with the “drop anchor drill” was they were a bit late with the anchors.  The first anchor was dropped on the first dock and the second anchor dropped between the piers.

The freighter ended the salmon canning season for False Pass by destroying the fish elevator.  The dock had been rebuilt in 1972 or 1973 (for sure in 72 but can’t remember if ice took part of the dock out the following year or not).

The freighter backed out from the dock and used the remainder of the dock and the stiff leg crane as a Dolphin to bang the bow of the freighter against while it completed it’s turn and tied to the dock.

The electrician was under the dock working on a pump when he looked up to see the bow of the freighter headed straight toward him.  The electrician set some sort of world record for getting out from under the dock and sprinting to the shore side.  One of the fishermen was on the fishing boat tied between the piers, he also set a record for abandoning ship to get out of the way of the incoming freighter.


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