False Pass Alaska Can Line – 1973

False Pass Alaska Cannery - Peter Pan Seafoods 1973

The Patch Table, the cans were inspected and to make sure the fish had a nice appearance and skin did not drape over the flange of the can (safety issue) and light weight cans were brought up to the proper weight.

The Peter Pan Seafood Cannery in False Pass, Alaska had five processing lines.  The cannery had two Half Pound lines, two Quarter Pound lines and a Tall Can line.  The wide size and capacity made the plant very flexible, from running a lot of fish on the Tall and a Half line to not much fish but a lot of cans if the two quarter pound can lines were used.

1972 and 73 were low catch years in the False Pass area with most of the canning season spent running the quarter and half pound can lines.

The large storage bin at the start of the can line area had three sections and allowed the Fish House to start ahead of the can lines and stock pile fish for the cannery lines.  The three sections allowed the Fish House switch between different species without shutting down the can lines.  When running the Half or Quarter Pound can lines the bin allowed the Fish House to finish earlier than the can line area while the fish in the bin were iced down for the can lines to run the rest of the day.


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