Memories of a Cannery Hack

Seward Fish - Icicle Seafoods

The Dim View from Seward Fish in Seward Alaska

One thing that gets lost with the passage of time are the personal memories of history.  Memories fade, letters get lost or are thrown away.  In many cases letters that told of the everyday life went to friends and relatives and those letters were lost in the sands of time.  Think about it, when was the last time you collected letters you got from someone 20 or 30 years ago and made copies and sent them back to the person that sent them to you so they could remember what they wrote oh so many years ago?

The Dim View was an Underground Newspaper published by some rogue elements at the Seward Fish Plant in Seward Alaska.  The Dim View was a parody written on overtime in response to the official company rag (The Crystal Ball) written by the powers that be at Seward Fish.  The Dim View gave voice to the unwashed (in some cases literally) masses that were the Fish Pickers that did the real work in the cannery.  The Dim View was also much better written and way more popular than The Crystal Ball.

Some time back a copy of the Dim View from Seward Fish was tucked under some bits at a different web site and a copy was given to the Cannery Hack.

The Dim View from Seward Fish in Seward, Alaska was a welcome breath of fresh air (needed if you were downwind of the Meal Plant).

For those of you only exposed to cannery life via the Discovery Channel and Tougher in Alaska the Dim View give a true insight into the life and times of what it was really like to be a cannery worker at Seward Fish in 1985.

If you have friends that worked at Seward Fish or Icicle Seafoods (or any Salmon Cannery in Alaska) the Dim View makes a perfect gift to  bring back memories of “the good old days.”  If they are a former Seward Fish Plant Manager with the initials JW I am sure he would like a framed copy for his wall or maybe a copy printed on fine heavy archival paper.

Sadly only two issues were published.  Like the current Occupy Movement, The Dim View was perceived as a threat to the powers that be (and the editor of The Crystal Ball was reported to be very upset at the high quality and popularity of the Dim View over his paper) that the heavy boots of authority struck out at anyone suspected of being associated with the Dim View with the end result being that the Dim View from Seward Fish in Seward Alaska became an instant collectors item with issue number three never to see the light of day.  (Well maybe never see the light of day, there are rumors that issue number three was partially written, should the ace investigators from The Cannery Hack ever find any remains of issue number three they will be shared with the world)

The Dim View Issue No 1

Download The Dim View Issue # 1 (PDF 4 pages)

The Dim View Issue No 2

Download The Dim View Issue # 2 (PDF 4 pages)


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