How Many Miles Per Gallon?

Miles Per Gallon Calculator

Circular Slide Rule for calculating Miles Per Gallon of fuel for your vehicle. From the mid 1970’s.

Way Way back in the days before $ 4.– calculators and when cars did not have a built in supercomputer, no cell phones  with built in calculators.  If you wanted to know the miles per gallon you need a piece of paper and pencil or pen – or you needed one of these slide rules that calculated your miles per gallon.  This calculator is from Texaco and was probably given to me by Daddy Cannery Hack when he ran a service station.

The red mark is at 5 gallons, 125 miles for 25 miles per gallon.

This calculator is 5 3/4 inches wide.

Below is a double sided calculator.

Side one is for calculating Miles Per Gallon or the Average Speed in Miles Per Hours.

Side two converts U.S. Gallons, Imperial Gallons and Liters.  Cost of fuel can also be calculated given MPG, Miles Traveled and Cost of Fuel per Gallon, note the fuel prices $ 0.20 to $ 0.60 per gallon.  Remember the “Good Old Days”?

Miles Per Gallon Calculator

Another Miles Per Gallon Calculator – probably also from the 1970’s

Travel Cost Calculator

Travel Cost Calculator

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