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Listing of all articles grouped by  years and locations

Pioneer Jr. High School (Pi-Hi) 1965 – Walla Walla, Washington

Walla Walla High School (Wa-Hi) 1968 – Walla Walla, Washington

New England Fish Company (NEFCO), Pederson Point (Nakneck) Alaska 1969 – 1971

Peter Pan Seafoods, False Pass, Alaska 1972 – 1973

Alaska Pacific Seafoods, Kodiak, Alaska 1974 

North Pacific Seafoods, Cordova, Alaska 1976

Togiak Fish, Togiak, Alaska 1977

Peter Pan Seafoods – King Cove Fire Rebuild, King Cove, Alaska 1978

Peter Pan Seafoods, False Pass, Alaska 1979 – 1981

Peter Pan Seafoods, King Cove, Alaska 1981

Seward Fish (Icicle Seafood), Seward, Alaska 1982 – 1986

Promation Inc. (Field Service Including Alaska, 1986 – 1989

A note on the listings – if an article is listed without a link then either I have not yet gotten the link cross referenced or the article is scheduled for publishing at a day in the future from when this page was last updated.  Please check the “Recent Posts” at the bottom of the Page for the latest articles.


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