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Nancy Bickelhaupt retires after 27 years in Waitsburg School District – The Times

WAITSBURG—For Nancy Bickelhaupt, preparing students for life has been both a pleasure and a passion. The Waitsburg High School Family and Consumer Source: Nancy Bickelhaupt retires after 27 years in Waitsburg School District – The Times

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Lt. Smith shows us the beauty of Gambell Alaska

Photo by Lt. Timothy Smith This summer, the Bering Sea Alliance hosted a private-public summit in Gambell, Alaska, to discuss Arctic resource development and infrastructure. (See page 10 in this edition of the Nome Nugget for a good summary of…

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How Many Miles Per Gallon?

Way Way back in the days before $ 4.– calculators and when cars did not have a built in supercomputer, no cell phones  with built in calculators.  If you wanted to know the miles per gallon you need a piece … Continue reading

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Memories of a Cannery Hack

One thing that gets lost with the passage of time are the personal memories of history.  Memories fade, letters get lost or are thrown away.  In many cases letters that told of the everyday life went to friends and relatives … Continue reading

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A Fishing Tender at the False Pass, Alaska Cannery Dock

A Fishing Tender just after sunrise tied to the Peter Pan Seafoods dock  in 1980. -30-

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Great Leaders of the Wa-Hi Class of 68

Here are the leaders for one of the special events at Walla Walla High School.  The class of 68 was well represented with Marcia Bergevin and Eric Johnson and several others leading something.  Eric was a terror on the trike. … Continue reading

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Sing Along With the Wa-Hi Class of 68

1968 was during the sing along Hootenany phase of music.  Here are some members of the Wa-Hi Class of 68 singing in the Commons at a big singing get together.

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Sunset at Pederson Point Alaska

This is a sunset at the NEFCO Pederson Point Cannery that was around the corner and down the beach from Nakneck.  This was taken around 10 or 11 pm in the evening.  A few people noticed the sunset and they … Continue reading

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History in a Can

(From the Alaska State Museum) by Steve Henrikson,  ASM Curator of Collections Though famous for our isolation and uniqueness, the scattering of Alaskan material culture around the globe shows the extent of our engagement in the world economy.  Years ago … Continue reading

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False Pass Alaska and Cannery, 1979

Here are some pictures around False Pass and the Cannery in 1979. Roundtop  Mountain was to the West of False Pass and the Cannery.  At 6140 feet (1871 meters) the mountain was spectacular even if you did not get up … Continue reading

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