False Pass Alaska Can Line – 1973

False Pass Alaska Cannery - Peter Pan Seafoods 1973

The Patch Table, the cans were inspected and to make sure the fish had a nice appearance and skin did not drape over the flange of the can (safety issue) and light weight cans were brought up to the proper weight.

The Peter Pan Seafood Cannery in False Pass, Alaska had five processing lines.  The cannery had two Half Pound lines, two Quarter Pound lines and a Tall Can line.  The wide size and capacity made the plant very flexible, from running a lot of fish on the Tall and a Half line to not much fish but a lot of cans if the two quarter pound can lines were used.

1972 and 73 were low catch years in the False Pass area with most of the canning season spent running the quarter and half pound can lines.

The large storage bin at the start of the can line area had three sections and allowed the Fish House to start ahead of the can lines and stock pile fish for the cannery lines.  The three sections allowed the Fish House switch between different species without shutting down the can lines.  When running the Half or Quarter Pound can lines the bin allowed the Fish House to finish earlier than the can line area while the fish in the bin were iced down for the can lines to run the rest of the day.

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Pioneer Jr. High School 1965 Popularity Poll – Walla Walla

Pioneer Jr. High School - Pi-HiThe Conestoga Yearbook had a Popularity Poll of some sort – here are a few of the pictures taken for the yearbook – sorry don’t remember who was most popular what ever, pictures were taken of more than just the individual winning categories and couples.
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Freighter Dock Crash – False Pass 1973

False Pass Alaska Cannery - Peter Pan Seafoods 1973

After the freighter had T-Boned the dock at Peter Pan Seafood's False Pass Cannery

At the end of the 1973 salmon canning season in False Pass, Alaska a freighter came into the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery to pick up the boxed Salmon Roe (fish eggs, salmon eggs).

Someone said that the freighter did not pick up a Pilot when they came through Isanotski Strait on their way to  False Pass and  the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery.  The freighter failed to make the turn off the cannery dock and came straight into the dock way to fast.

The freighter crashed through the first finger pier, went through the space between the two piers and half way through the second finger pier with the bow of the freighter centered on the fish elevator used to unload the tenders.  The freighter did try and stop by dropping anchor.  One small problem with the “drop anchor drill” was they were a bit late with the anchors.  The first anchor was dropped on the first dock and the second anchor dropped between the piers. Continue reading

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Morzhovoi Alaska 1972

Morzhovoi Alaska 1972

Morzhovoi Alaska 1972

Morzhovoi is an abandoned Alaska Native village located on Traders Cove across from False Pass  Alaska .  These pictures are from 1972 when some of the False Pass Cannery crew took a boat to the village.  There were some abandoned personal papers in some of the buildings.

When the fur trade crashed in the early 20th century many of the residents moved to other areas to survive.  Most of the rest of the Morzhovoi residents moved to False Pass in the early 1920’s to work in the cannery and to fish for salmon.

Many of the buildings have fallen down since these pictures were taken.

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Merry Christmas from the Wa-Hi Cheerleaders

Sorry don’t know what year this was taken, but around 1965 to 1967

Wa-Hi Cheerleaders

Merry Christmas from the Wa-Hi Cheerleaders


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Can Line Pictures From Pederson Point Alaska – 1971

Patching table at the pederson point cannery

Patching table at the Pederson Point Cannery

A few pictures of the can line at Pederson Point, Alaska.  Pederson Point was owned and ran by New England Fish Company (NEFCO).  Pederson Point was around the corner and down the beach from Nakneck.

Harold Thom was the plant superintendent.

The cannery had three tall can lines (1 lb.) with Continental Can Company equipment, there were two half pound lines.  Four of the can lines were ran by a steam engine with power transmitted by belts overhead.  The “good old days.”   Rick Decker the Seamer Mechanic and I did most of the flat belt lacing.  We got a lot of practice with all of the belts.  We got it down so that we could take a belt off and put new lacing in the belt and put the belt back on the machine in less than five minutes.

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False Pass – 1973 – Pictures

False Pass Alaska Cannery Buildings 1973

The Machinist Bunkhouse - Home Sweet Home for Two Seasons

A few assorted pictures from the Peter Pan Seafood’s Cannery in  False Pass, Alaska in 1973

The Machinist’s Bunkhouse was home sweet home for two canning seasons.

Like several places I worked they did not trust the Machinists with automatic clothes washing machines, we had the old reliable wringer washers.  You had to run the clothes through two rollers to squeeze the water from the clothes.  They did have a down side, a couple of times people put their clothes in the washer and got to drinking with their buddies and forgot the clothes in the washer and they agitated all night long.  The extra agitation turned the clothes into a soggy mass ready to make paper.   For some reason the agitate overnight was done by kids that were away from home and their nanny for the first time.

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Pioneer Jr. High School (Pi-Hi) – Cheerleaders 1965 – Walla Walla, Washington

Pioneer Jr. High School - Walla Walla - Lynne ChamberlainA few pictures of the 9th Grade 1965 Pi-Hi Cheerleaders.

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False Pass Cannery Buildings – 1972

A few buildings at the False Pass Cannery in 1973

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At a Pi-Hi Basketball Game – 1965

Linda Woodard 1965 Walla Walla

Linda Woodard watching a Basketball game with other Pioneer Jr. High School Students

Here are a few pictures from 1965 at Pioneer Jr. High (Pi-Hi) School in Walla Walla Washington.

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